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BBS Accounting is an enterprise management software solution designed for small and medium businesses in Australia. If you are looking for a user-friendly, flexible and feature-rich business management system, BBS Accounting is the solution for your business.

Multi-Company, Multi-User and Multi-Tasking
BBS Accounting can be used across multiple businesses and companies. It is suitable for small businesses with 2 to 3 users, or larger organisations with 50 or more users. Users can have many different screens open at any one time to enable them to efficiently switch between modules.

Flexible and Feature-Rich
With productivity at front of mind, BBS Accounting has been developed to ensure every task is as simple as possible while still maintaining a flexible and feature rich user interface.

Fully Customisable
Every business is different and unique. It is these individualities that often cause organisations to put in place additional manual processes to counteract software shortfalls. BBS Accounting prides itself on being fully adaptable to your requirements while still being able to provide regular standard updates that will not adversely affect your customisations.

Empower your Sales Force

Provide all the tools and information required to ensure you can fulfil your customers requests promptly and efficiently.

Keep In-Touch with your Customers

BBS Accounting's Contact Relationship Manager will help you keep in-touch with your customers and prospects to ensure your business is always at the front of their mind.

Office National Members

If you are an Office National member then BBS Accounting is the software solution for you. Interface direct with the Office National internet ordering system and process product data updates with ease.